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Vision,Mission & Goals of the college


Arts college buldana is commited to fulfill the mission of the parent body i.e.’Nahi Dnyanen Sudrusham’

The main aim of our college is to shape the overall personality of youths   and to make them ideal citizens.It has full faith in its mission,which is to   produce intelligent,disciplined and self reliant  students who proves themselves to be good ,healthy and responsible citizens of India.



  1. To provide educational opportunities to all sections of the society and also to provide scholarship and financial aid to meritorious
  2. The important qualititative,value based and career oriented education.
  3. To ensure and includate perfect decipline in terms of regullarity ,senciarity and punctuality among the students.
  4. To develope confidence ,self-reliance,courage and decision making process making of the students.
  5. To provide the platform to the students by giving them an opportunity to face all challenges of the competitive  world,with their potential in cultural activities,sports ,athletic and other events
  6. To create social and national awareness among farmers and enable them to become a self reliant responsible citizen.