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Program Outcomes & Specific Outcomes

Program Outcomes and specific out comes
Program Outcomes and specific out comes
Program outcomes, program specific outcomes and course outcomes for all programs
offered by the institution are stated and displayed on website and communicated to
teachers and students.
Ans. : The institution offered undergraduate program under faculty of Arts (UG). The
admission for B.A. program is provided on the basis of previous qualifying examination. After
getting the admission students made aware of subjects offered for the degree program. The
institution offered two compulsory subjects i.e. English and Marathi and six optional subjects
i.e. History, Political Science, Economics, Home Economics, English Literature and Marathi
Literature for under graduate students.
Program out comes represent the knowledge, skills and attitude the students should
have at the end of program and resultant of the knowledge skills student’s acquires at the
end of course.
At the beginning of the course the faculties accesses the student’s knowledge and
skills in informal ways in their initial lecturers. There is no formal method of measuring the
ability of the students to cope up with course and program out comes. However the objective
and importance of course outcomes, program outcome and Program specific outcomes are
communicated to the teachers and students in the formal way of the discussion, seminars
and through displaying on the website.
Attainment of program outcomes, program specific outcomes and course outcomes are
evaluated by the institution.
Ans. : Program outcomes, program specific outcomes and course outcomes are evaluated
by the institution through assessment in CIE and university exam, feedback, principal
interaction, placement, entrepreneurship, self business, performance review in departmental
meetings, convey to parents and principal. There is no formal method of measuring the
ability of the students to cope up with course and program out comes. The institution is
affiliated to SGBAU Amravati offers for UG (B.A.) students. The outcome of B.A. program
may be as follows
· Community engagement and global understanding
· Critical and creative thinking
· Communication skills
· Inculcation of ethical values

§ The college offers certificate and degree education with focus on goals and objectives of
our institute to make progression of students to higher education, entrepreneurs and
employers through skill development and holistic education.
§ Experienced and dedicated faculty, devoted non teaching staff, holistic educational
ambience and dynamic management of our institute are the four pillars for the smooth
attainment of program outcomes.
§ Problem solving exercises, project works and surveys in relevant subject areas of study.
§ The academic progress of the students is regularly monitored by the subject teachers
for effective program outcomes.
§ Students’ feedback on teaching process are collected and evaluated to make teaching
learning more effective which helps in attainment of Cos, Pos, and PSOs.
§ Students are also motivated to actively participate in seminars, workshops and
exhibitions for quality enhancement.
§ The effective planning and deployment of curriculum help the students to opt for
competitive examination.
§ The counseling cell published various types of job placement news; it is published in
news papers. All staff members motivated and guided them for filling of application form as
well as personal interview. It reflects that Cos, Pos, and PSOs are attained.
§ The knowledge and skill are evaluated as course outcomes through different
examinations viz., class tests, semester and annual exams, other modes of assessment like
home assignments, tutorials and projects.
§ The college ensures the outcome of the programs through the analysis of the internal
and external in the placements, sports, cultural and extension activities.
§ The NSS unit of the college organizes various community oriented activities. These
efforts help to instill socio ethical values and develop community service attitude among the
The attainment of Cos, Pos and PSOs are evaluated by the institution on the success rate of
the students to higher education, self entrepreneurship and employability.

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