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Code Of Conduct

7.1.12  Code of conduct handbook exists for students, teachers, governing body, administration including Vice Chancellor / Director / Principal /Officials and support staff.

Code of Conduct for Students

  • Students will follow the rules and syllabus of the University. Minimum 75% attendance will be mandatory for every students in all the subjects offered: failing which he/she will not be permitted to appear for the examination.
  • Student may opt for NSS.
  • It is compulsory for every student to qualify physical competence examination at the end of each academic session.
  • It is compulsory for every student to remain present in the college for the annual medical examination.
  • Every student has to read notice board in the college regularly.
  • It is mandatory for every student to appear for all the tests and examinations conduct in the college.
  • Student will have to attend lecturers, tutorials and practical session regularly according to the time table. They will have to compensate for any damage/s cause by them to the college furniture, books, news papers, sports equipment, etc. nobody is allowed to publicize any kind of information of/about the college in the print/ electronic/ social media without the prior permission of the principal.
  • Students shout refrain from roaming unnecessarily in the corridor.
  • Students should be polite and courteous in their behavior with the teachers, the non teaching staff and fellow students of the college. Any miss behavior will be dealt with strictly.
  • Students will have to park their vehicles in specific area on their own risk.
  • It is compulsory for every student to attend and participate in various academic, social and cultural activities conducted in the college from time to time.
  • Ragging is a grave offence and student should refrain from including in any such activity. If found guilty of ragging, they will be liable for maximum possible punishment under the various ant ragging laws of the UGC and the Government of Maharashtra.
  • Students will not neighbor be given any document from the college nor will they be allowed to appear for the University examination unless they clear all the dues.
  • Students should mentioned and offer only those subjects in the admission form which are taught in the college. They will be allowed to appear for University examination in the same subject only.
  • Students must carry their identity card all the time in the premises.
  • After their admission in the college, the students will be issued a library card. This card is not transferable and is meant to be used only by the students whose name appears on it.
  • If identity card or library card is lost by the student She/he can get a duplicate identity card or library card only on application with payment of a fee of Rs. 20/- in the office.
  • Students may not receive admission card for university examination unless they clear the library dues.
  • If a student is not allowed to appear for the examination by the University their result is withheld due to any mistake/ incomplete information furnished by the students, he/she will be responsible for the consequences.
  • For the breach of the code of the conduct, action will be initiated against him/her as per the rules.
  • All the rules of the University will be obligatory on the student. In case of any dispute, the decision of principal will be final and obligatory.


Code of conduct for Teachers and Non teaching staff

Responsibility and Accountability:

  • Teachers should handle the subjects assigned to them by the principal.
  • Teachers should complete the syllabus in time and produce good result in the subjects handled by them. They are accountable for the same.
  • Tutor-ward (Mentor-Mentee) system must be effectively implemented. Teachers shall take care of the mantes.
  • Teachers should be good counselors and facilitators. They should help, guide, encourage and assist the students to ensure that the teaching learning process is effective and successful. Value based education must be their Moto.
  • Teachers should maintain decorum inside and outside the class room and set a good example for the students.
  • Teacher should carry out other academic, co-curricular and organizational activities which are assigned to them from time to time.

Punctuality and attendance

  • Teachers must report in time for duty as per the working hours prescribed and should be available in the campus unless and otherwise they are assigned duties elsewhere.
  • Prior permission should be obtained for coming late in the morning or evening early. No one should leave the college premises without permission.
  • Teachers should signed the attendance register while reporting for duties.
  • Teachers should be present in the campus till the end of their duty hours.


  • Prior written permission is required from the principal at least a day in advance while availing any kind of leave. Any case of emergency, the principal may be informed by a phone call/ SMS/ E-Mail.
  • Half a day CL will not be sanctioned to the teachers.
  • Ten casual leaves can availed in an academic session.
  • Casual leave can be combined with other holidays. However the total period of continues absence from duty should exceed ten days.
  • Everyone must report for duty on the reopening day and the last working day of each session.

Publication of Research Papers and Books and Participation in Research Project, Seminars, Conferences etc.

1)         Teachers are encourage to write text books, published articles in reputed journals and present paper in seminars, conferences and take up research projects.

2)         They should also attend faculty development programs, quality improvement programs etc. to update their knowledge.

3)         Absence from duty for the above-mentioned purposed will be treated as duty leave which needs to be sanctioned in advanced.

General Rules

1)         No teacher should involve himself/herself in any immoral/ illegal act which may bring discredit to the institution/ Management.

2)         Teachers’ associations should not be formed without the prior permission of the management.

3)         Any instructions issued by the competent authority by way of circulars from time to time must be complied with.

4)         No teacher shall send circulars/ distribute hand bills to the staff, organized meetings in the campus without prior permission of the principal.

5)         Teachers are barred from using cell phones while taking classes.

6)        Teachers must always wear their identity badges inside the college premises.

7)        Time table committee must submit the time table to the teachers at the beginning of the academic session. Any change must be reported to the principal in writing.

8)        Teacher should attend meetings/academic association meetings seminar etc. and functions like college annual day, Independence day and Republic day without fail.

9)         Teacher should volunteer, to take up extra classes for students of certificates, diploma and other career oriented programs and do remedial teaching as and when required.

10)       No representation to any government authority or university in the name of the college should be made, by any teacher, without the permission of the principal.

11)       Duties and service conditions of the teachers as framed by the government of Maharashtra and the UGC should be strictly followed.

Disciplinary Action

1)         Violation or non compliance of the service rules will attract punishment as a stipulated under the rules of UGC and the state Government.

2)         All staff members should coordinate and cooperate with each other for the betterment of the college and the students.

Code of Conduct for Non- Teaching Staff

  • Non-Teaching staff working in the college office or department should remain on duty during the duty hours assigned to them. They should report on duty at least 15 minutes in advance.
  • They should always behave courteously with students and all faculty members and help them solve their problems. Arrogant/ bad behavior will be delete with seriously.
  • Non – Teaching staff must always wear their identity badge during working hours.
  • For articles damaged by the students, a separate registered should be maintained and record along with the cost of material should be submitted to the authority at the end of the session.
  • Non-Teaching staff will carry out their duties as instructed by the authorities to whom they are attached.
  • Non-Teaching staff shall not leave the college premises before their duty hours.