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Title of the Practice: – 1) Environment what is it? *

*      Green Campus*

*We have taken this practice because it is necessary to nurture the nature
for our future*

1)      Plantation and preservation itself is the need of hour, wherever we
observe around us for examination, birds, animals the veriety of trees,
fruits are the integral part of environment.

The geographical condition of the area average temperature during the
summer average rain fall and the agricultural field that fulfils the
requirement not only of farmers but also people in general depend on the
satisfactory rain fall. The percentage of the rain fall is directly tied
with the plantation and preservation of trees in the territory.

2)      *Objectives of the practices:* College makes tree plantation with
the help of NSS volunteers in the campus and outside the campus on the
occasion of Hon’ble presidents’ birthday, world environment day and
government tree plantation scheme. In the rainy season those trees neither
have nor are survived, new saplings planted on such places. Similarly on
vacant places variety of plants are planted through NSS volunteers. The
responsibility of the conservation is bestowed on a group of students. NSS
programme officers monitors the conservation of trees.

The basic purpose of plantation and preservation is to maintain the
greenery and the temperature in the surroundings. It is of utmost
importance to plant trees every year because they maintained oxygen layer
in the atmosphere and naturally the global warming diminished. Preservation
of trees are necessary to maintain the eco – balance, to have satisfactory
rainfall, to reduce the intensity of the problem of global warming, to
provide natural habit to birds, animals and insects. The ground water level
is maintained by the trees and kind of filtered oxygen is being offered to
the pupils, birds, animals and all living creatures in the vicinity. Trees
work as wind breaks and the rainfall is assured during the season when it
is in full swing.

3)      *The Context*:

*1)            **To make college campus green.*

*2)            **To make the campus air fresh and create natural beauty in
the campus.*

*3)            **To impart the message of “plant trees and conserve trees”
to society through students.*

The deforestation on a large scale cutting of trees for the purpose of
fuel, cutting of trees as a building material or furniture make our forest
just like a desert. It is experienced at every year that the temperature of
the earth is growing with high pace every summer.

The result is that the natural habitat of the wild animals and the variety
of birds are on the verge of extinction. It is indeed difficult to plant
and develop a tree because it is a work of dedication not just a part of
inauguration. We have to maintain the balance of natural gases in the
atmosphere. We have to look after the healthy society, nature full of
variety of birds, animals and therefore plantation and preservation is the
basic need of this time.

4)      *The Practice*: Forest resources are a natural gift. Since time
unknown man depends on plants and animals closely associated with forest.
Ancient human beings used to satisfy basic needs completely from forest.
Even today we enjoy direct or indirect benefits of forest. Human life is
dependant by and large on forest and forest resources. Forest resources is
therefore considered as one of the most important and basic natural

Consistence is another part of plantation and preservation upliftment of
the plants is a part of continuous dedication. It needs a master plan
sufficient man power, water resources proper care during the infancy stage
of the plants, tree guards, insecticides, pesticides etc. metro logically
in what so ever the country may be 33% land should be cove